NCAA Bans Indian Mascots From Postseason (1 Viewer)

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Digital Dude

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Feb 9, 2005
FrankJo said:
I don't hava a problem with actual names of Native American Tribes like the Seminoles. What I do have a problem with is names like the "Redskins" .

Also, all of you folks who are are complaining about political correctness are typical of the way most people think, wrongly I might add. It doesn't matter what YOU think. It matters what the people who say they are offended think. It ain't about you. You show your true colors when you start comparing animal names with the derogatory nicknames that were given to entire races of people. These names merely reiterate this countries racist past.

Did you ever see the South Park episode where Christmas was destroyed by political corectness?

I attended Eastern Michigan U?niversity when we were the Hurons. We took pride in our association with the Huron tribe. In 1991 The Michigan department of PC said schools shouldn't use native american mascots, EMU became the Eagles.

Last week we were on vacation and I ran into a student from EMU, I asked her what the Hurons are. She didn't know. Iasked if other students knew about the Huron Tribe, she said nobody knows anything about them.

End result, the Huron tribe is relegated to the trash heap of history. They no longer have an identy to the public, they no longer have allies in the public.

Native Americans don't want mainstream America to associate with them in any way or take pride in our geographical history.

Fine. The next time a tribe feels they are better than any other group of Americans by seeking an exemption to open a casino I will oppose it.

Because I have an Irish heritage and am a laid back guy you don't hear me having a hissy fit about the "Fighting Irish", not even after they have fielded poor athletic teams for years.

We are witnessing the balkanization of the US. This country is SUPPOSED to be a melting pot, it has been our strength for 200 years. Humans are not perfect but by separating themselves from being an American, a color blind American, groups want special dispensation and more rights than others and are tearing this country apart.

I am offended by socialists so we should silence them, I am allergic to some people's perfume so we should become France, a nation of smelly whiners.

Our kids are deep trouble.


SatelliteGuys Pro
May 24, 2004
The Univeristy of North Dakota Fighting Sioux have the countrys best Hockey arena and they are always inthe playoffs and this is going to suck if they dont get it repealed cause in the hockey arena the sioux logo is like every 10 feet...or so...

check it out....


SatelliteGuys Pro
Jun 6, 2004
DC Metro Area

pardon the language, but what your saying is that i shouldn't be offended if you were to call me a nigger? NOT SAYING THAT YOU WOULD!

What i'm saying is that is that your point dictates to ME that i SHOULDN'T be offended, and that's ludicrous.
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