Need help with finding CCTV-4 on microHD


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Aug 20, 2006
Rison , Arkansas
if he has the dish back to the point of receiving internationals channels. then have him adjust slightly (very small movement) to left and stop then with the receiver try a blind scan. if he travels more than an inch he's missed it. For each small adjustment ( 1/8 inch or 1/16 we are talking small adjustments) stop and blind scan after each movement.

if he's receiving the international channels (97w) then he's real close to getting CCTV


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Mar 15, 2005
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Maybe he's getting caught with the: "I'm going to jump to a different satellite then the one I just scanned" bug... I've had that trip me up a couple times now on this receiver...
Then he could be scanning the wrong satellite, and not noticing it.
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Aug 20, 2006
Rison , Arkansas
Ok to finish the story , I finally found time ( and got to come home from Maryland for a visit ) to travel to Ft. Smith and help a fellow FTA'er with a problem. I arrived and got setup. they had been tuning with one person inside the house and another at the dish. From the look of the dish i could tell it was setup properly and looked very close to where it needed to point, my Hosts were very polite and offered anything and everything :) to help with getting my gear setup. Only downfall of the system inspection looked to be the cable it was rg59 and about 100 ft run. I prefer to setup at the dish and go from there . hooked everything up .... nothing .. tried another lnb .... nothing. rethought several things and suspected my long cable might be bad so i pulled fresh cable out and put compression ends on and re-tuned and got a hint of signal ( i was trying for 97w and was going to readjust to 95 once i fount it) so got a hint of signal and lost it and changed TP to the CCTV one and wham 75 % Quality so tightened most everything back down and then fine tuned it for best signal. re hooked up rg 59 ( it was already run and Hsykora's Father planned on replacing the rg59 later in the day) went into house and no signal. went back outside to recheck everything and it was ok so it was the cable all along that hampered the system. For the father to got any signal from a 100 ft run of rg59 ( no telling how old ) i thought was remarkable and must have been hitting one of the strong TP's on 97 even to show up. so we ran new RG6 Quad into the house and everything worked great. :) Hsykora's father was so mesmerized with the picture quality of the MicroHD and because he hadn't seen his favorite channel in a couple of months, we could hardly pull him away from the TV :D

so Thanks for the enjoyable visit to Fort Smith , failed to meetup with some of my Family for a short visit but was able to acquire a sack of my dads favorite hamburgers (thanks Connie). it turns out that the place i went was a block down and 1 block over from where my Aunt used to live 30-40 years ago so i was familiar with the area. I used to ( as a kid) walk down that street and several others to go to the local store to get candy and a soda :) so it was a small world :)

Thanks again for the day adventure :)

maybe next adventure will be to return to add additional stationary dishs to current system so will have to find more channels that Hsykora's father might enjoy ;)


Jul 28, 2012
On behalf of me & my family:

We owe gabsphere a huge thank you for the great work and help he provided yesterday :D. It would not be up and running without his good deed indeed! We were very touched by his act of kindness to help out complete strangers. He went above and beyond what any of us could have asked . What gabsphere left out in his story is that he did all of that in the oppressive heat and humidity of the Arkansas summer weather. Anyone who has been down south on a midsummer day knows how unbearable the heat can be! I know my dad will be talking about gabsphere to anyone that will listen to the story! Heck, I've even shared the story with a few people already.

I'm at fault for thinking and conveying the message that it was going to be fairly quick, that it probably only needed some fine tuning expertise, and am very sorry you did not get to visit your other family members :sorry:.

Please know we are grateful for all of your help - we appreciate it more than we can express in words. I think what we've all learned from gabsphere is that
we can repay the debt by paying it forward to someone in need of our help in the future.


P.S. Charlie, he primarily listens to the Chinese speaking channels (I think they also like that it helps retain their vocabulary) but will dabble in the English speaking ones too.


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Sep 22, 2005
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Thanks for a wonderful end to the story, George!
Just the cable, eh?
Last thing anyone would think of; really had to be there to catch it.

Just shows ta go ya, how helpful the members here are. ;)

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