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Currently I have a Genie (HR34-700), a H24-100 and a HR24-200 for a total of 8 tuners.
I want to run a line to another bedroom for another tuner. What would I need to get it to work?

I have SWM 8 and guess I would need SWM 16 and another line from from the dish to the panel, as well as another splitter.
Am I right in that reasoning?

Another way I guess I could get this to work without is swap the HR24 for 2 H24's thereby negating the need for SWM 16. But I would need a new splitter as the one I have only has 3 outputs.

How do Genie clients work? Does it count as another tuner? or does it take one of the Genies tuners?

Thanks for your input.


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Dec 28, 2004
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You could replace the H24 with a client and not have to swap out the swm8 for a swm16. If you do get the swm16, you wouldn't need another splitter. I think I'd leave the Genie on one side and use the splitter you have for the other four tuners.


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Feb 7, 2008
I'd second what raoul5788 said.

Experience with HR44s suggests that one should always have at least one other non-Genie DVR; as good as Genies are, you never know when one might go out and you still want to watch/record TV.

As far as minis are concerned, they have nothing to do with the SWM, as they (the minis) directly interface with the Genie media server and use an available tuner from it, versus a "channel" from the SWM. The Genie, per se, is the device that is allocated "channels" from the SWM directly.


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Apr 12, 2006
I guess just going to the Direct TV page would have saved me some time. I can just get the HR44 and 1 mini. That might be the easiest way to do it.
If you have an HR34, DirecTV won't swap it for an HR44. But the mini client will work fine with your HR34, and that will avoid the need for an SWM16. But yes you will need a new splitter.
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