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We've set up my wife's new iPad 3rd gen and set up home sharing. We see music from my account/iPhone and I guess podcasts I dl long ago. I read that the iPhone apps on my 3GS should be shared with the iPad. We have both logged in to the one iTunes account. The setup procedure automatically named her iPad with her first name. We did not enter it, it figured it out somewhere.

Researching the problem, I came across the Apple discussions which say:
"I have purchased a lot of apps from iTones Apps store for my existing iPhone. When I plug my iPad to iTunes for synchronization, would those apps be sync to my iPad?

Yes provided you are using the same itunes account as your phone. They will appear the size of your iphone on the screen until you touch the 2X button to auto fit them to the ipad screen."

How do we share the apps from my iPhone with her iPad? Or do I misunderstand?
We figured out we had to move them one by one, there doesn't seem to be a way of doing them all at once.

If buying, WHICH iPad do you want?

For those upgrading ipad 1 or 2 to a 3: Post your results

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