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Dec 22, 2005
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Well, I now see that NexTV has reduced the amount of channels they carry and no longer even have Channel One. Any suggestions on what service is best to use?
I liked TvRossiya and NexTV because of the set-top box and it was easy for my visiting Russian mother-in-law to use. Any other service still use a STB? Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I found WebTelek, BestRussianTV(looks like ashes from TVRossiya), nashdomtv, larutv, imb-plus. Anyone use these services that can comment?

Anyone know anything about Looks like they use a STB, and charge in Euros. Is it available in the US? I can't read Russian.....and no Angliski on these sites :)

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Jul 8, 2006
Yaz96 Well i have had .:NexTV:. Wanna be NEXT? now for almost 2 years and i am very very happy with them.

You mentioned that "they reduced the amount of channels they carry and no longer even have Channel One" I am not sure why you said this but the fact is they have added channels and they do have Channel one Russia.

In fact they have Channel one Russia LIVE and Time shifted.

As you I also had TvRossiya and to me getnextv is sooooo much better.
No buffering issues ever, very good Picture quality and if there are ever any Issues i can call and speak to there tech people who are fluent in english!!!
any issuews always seem to get resolved very quickly

Now the Biggest problem with getnextv is there website they hardly keep it up to date,, from what i understand they are putting most of there time into building there IPTV platform. this is the main and biggest difference between getnextv
and all those other services. After ALOT of research i found all those other
services are what i call plug and play they basicly get the signal (from the same source) and redistribute it. that is why alot of them offer exactly all the same packages.

Getnextv is part of much larger company ethnic channels group
[ame=""]Ethnic Channels Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@@AMEPARAM@@/wiki/File:Ethnic_Channels_Group.PNG" class="image"><img alt="Ethnic Channels Group.PNG" src=""@@AMEPARAM@@en/thumb/3/32/Ethnic_Channels_Group.PNG/200px-Ethnic_Channels_Group.PNG[/ame]

they are a long established company that has now branched out to IPTV with getnextv. most of there efforts right now are going into building this true iptv service.

I hope some of this info helps.



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Jul 8, 2006
As i mentioned there website (getnextv) is unfortunetly not up to date.

most of there efforts are going into buliding there IPTV platformand making sure everything works right then i belive you will see a new fully updated site.

Anyway there are 30 channels on the Russian Package I went through them this morning and wrote them all down here they are.

1. Fox news (In English)
2. RT Russia today (In English)
3. AJ Al Jezera (In English)
4. PETN Pet network (In English)
5. GOD God religious TV (In English)

These first 5 are all extra free channels and in english

all the rest listed below are in Russian Language
6. VOD Video on demand Hundreds of on demand Russian movies to chosse from.
8. RTVI +
9. NTV
10. RWLD Russian World
11. ORT Russia Channel ONE Time shifted
13. RTR planeta
14. RTR sport Time shifted
15. RTR Sport Live
17. Vesti News channel
18. Dom
19. Nkino
20. CTC
21. TNT
22. REN
23. TVC
24. Kino2
25. KTO
26. 5SP St Petrsburg channel
27 FC NTV All Footbal channel (Soccer)
28. Sentanta Preveiw channel
29. AVOD Audult video on demand movies
30 IP Check your IP speed

Also they just added a function that allows you to setup the video source from different servers.

Agian like you i am not very fluent in my Russian so that is another thing about getnextv i like,, that they all speak fluent english.

Ok hope this helps you out.


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