Neutrino Now Available

Thanks Lak7 and mr3p (and any others) for giving the Neutrino firmware a try. Obviously, judging by the results here and at other sites, the Neutrino firmware for first generation AZBoxes should be avoided at this time.

At least with the original firmware, which may be buggy at times, it generally works well, and so far for every glitch, I have been able to find a workaround.
Glad I didn't load it, it sounds like a major step backwards.

From the looks of things it almost appears that they are or have abandoned the American market.

We certainly did not abandon the American market but it is true that the current Neutrino software is not ready for use over here and don't recommend anyone upgrading their existing AzBox HD receiver to it at this time unless they are curious to find out what it looks like and are experienced with Linux. It will take a fair bit of time to resolve outstanding issues and polish the UI in order to make this operating system ready for use over here and we certainly plan on doing so once the software on the ME is ready enough for normal everyday use in order for us to start carrying it in the North American market.

We also still plan on releasing bug fixes for the current software as it has a mature codebase and supports features that likely will never make it into Neutrino such as Youtube, the web browser and RSS feeds.


AzBox Canada

Why aren't these software upgrades tested beforehand they're put out in the market? I know no matter what, there always be some/few bugs. But these have in my humble opinion major bugs. Also there's some confusion as to what AZbox the upgrade is really for. I have the AZbox Prem +, is it for it also?
I think there is a lot of misinformation and unrealistic expectations regarding this release being posted at various places on the net. Opensat has already stated this release does not have blindscan. the uPnP functionality is unstable/buggy. I'm not making excuses for Opensat but its the initial release of totally new firmware which almost guarantees its not going to be stable and will be missing features. After playing with it for a day I think it has great promise but certainly not ready for daily usage. I suspect this will change quickly as the Azbox ME is also running Neutrino meaning Opensat should be motivated to fix issues/add features quickly. If the firmware is able to tune/scan our feeds and channels, and I'm not saying it is or will be, but the lack of default NA channel list doesn't really qualify as abandoning the NA market. The issue at this point is lack of features and stability. RTI Enigma2 v1.4 or OFW at this point are much better and the only reason to load Neutrino for now would be you want to experiment, see whats coming or get a feel for what its like to use the ME.
yep, RTI E2 currently at v. 1.4 which is pretty good. if there was a hardware blindscan plug-in I would completely dump celrun OFW and use E2 exclusively. For an Elite or Premium, which don't have hardware blindscan, I would prefer using E2 1.4 over OFW. You might also check out the latest SPAZE build. Unfortunately RTI dev team thus far has shown little interest in developing a blindscan plug-in for E2. Opensat has said it blindscan will be added to Neutrino but I'll believe it when I see it. I'm guessing they have been informed that blindscan is needed if they have an interest in the NA market so I do think it will happen.
OK, managed to ftp satellite.xml to correct directory so now my NA sat list appears :) Too late to keep playing for tonight. Graphics/GUI totally different, its like having a new receiver, still lots to learn.

What program are you using to ftp satellite.xml to the machine? Been having trouble myself.....
These are the correct paths for NeutrinoHD settings on DreamSet or other similar application:

---> /etc/tuxbox/config/
Services, Bouquets ---> /etc/tuxbox/config/zapit/

Or ... because there is a symlink ... /var/tuxbox !

Satellites.xml ---> /var/tuxbox/config/
Services, Bouquets ---> /var/tuxbox/config/zapit/


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