There are a few flavors of 8psk.....
DVB-S2 8PSK - Included in Premium Plus and most FTA Receivers
DVB-S 8PSK - Not Included in any FTA Receiver, I think reffered to as "Trellis 8PSK" too.
Turbo 8PSK - Used by Dish Network, usually an Add-On Card to FTA receivers
I don't know if it Blind Scans "good", depends on what you are looking for.
Also, there are different flavors of DVB-S2 "x"PSK, not all receivers can tune all.

Receivers are obsolete when released. (just my opinion)
I would wait for the new GeosatPro and AZBox Me reports to come in.
SatelliteAV ballparked it @ $125, but this could be affected by so many things yet to be determined. We'll just have to wait and see :)
Keep in mind that it does not handle 4:2:2, but has Blind Scan
The AZBox Me does handle 4:2:2, but can not Blind Scan with Released Firmware - nobody know if there will be an update in include Blind Scanning.
Thanks for input guys, So I guess it boils down what you can live without. 4:2:2, is that mainly
used for sports feeds? And of course Blind Scan is important, when you do alot of bird surfing.
Hummm choices, choices. Will stil wait after the New Year, to see how the Geo-Sat Pro HD
is released.
I called opensat today in Partugal and they assured me that they are working on blindscan software together with IP Tv and hopefully they will be released soon

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