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I posted this in the Glorystar forum but I'll post it here.
I put the Geosat in Glorystar mode (which if you dont know it loads all the G* approved channels) and one being added is 3ABN Dare to Dream. So I asked about it (what is it and when will it be added) in the G* forum and here is the response about it

glorystar1 said:
Dare to Dream is a new Christian channel programmed by 3ABN targeting the Urban audience. The channel will be carried on Glorystar channel 114.

A shuffle will be happening between December 28th and January 2nd. 3ABN Dare to Dream (D2D) channel will be launching on December 28th. It will take over the transponder space currently carrying 3ABN Proclaim on 11842. 3ABN Proclaim will be off air for a few days until a channel opens on the 12060 transponder on January 2nd.

I know the channels may not be your cup of tea...but just letting folks know of a new channel coming (and one moving) :)
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