New 3D uploads to my You Tube channel


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Scott- I had it posted earlier ( Dec 21st) but a good friend sent me an e-mail and advised it was screwed up. I checked and discovered he was right so I uploaded it again. This time I watched it and it looks OK.

YouTube is constantly changing the interface and that leaves room for constant new trouble. A 3D 10 minute video takes about an hour to process ( your frown face)

Just curious- Do you watch YouTube 3D on a real 3D monitor, or on a 2D monitor with red/cyan glasses?

The Magic, Memories and You video is IMO, too dark for red/cyan anaglyph. It looks really good with a real 3D monitor and passive glasses. A bit less bright on my 3D Sony projector.

Stay tuned, I'm working on more.
So how do I watch 3D YouTube videos on my TV set? Can I do it through Roku?

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So how do I watch 3D YouTube videos on my TV set? Can I do it through Roku?

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Not sure which 3D TV you ended up getting but some have YouTube built in, like Netflix. If not, many new 3D Blu Ray players have the 3D IP channels built in. My Oppo BD-93 is my favorite 3D viewer for YT channel. It's still a chore to switch the TV to Side by Side. Then you have to set the YT browser to Side by side 3D as opposed to anaglyph.
I used youtube downloader then watched thru my PS3 last night(via tvversity) I liked the one with the cameras set 26" apart on the water the best...

That was an experiment. I'll be using that to shoot the Grand Canyon and up to Bryce Canyon in April. I can go to 30" which sets the 3D stage for a 20 mile wide scene. More factors enter the picture. Need special UV haze, plus polarizing filtering. Cold temperatures would be good too but I'll try it in April. Weather permitting I'll be shooting some Death Valley stuff in January.
Just posted this video of some new glasses free 3DTVs I saw at CES.

Glasses Free 3D TV CES Best of Show,( in my opinion) - YouTube

I shot this in 3D with a Sony HDR-TD10 and on many of the scenes the video can reproduce the 3D effect. I was pretty impressed with these. Companies believe these are well enough along to begin selling this year. I say give the development another year. They have come a long way since first showing glasses free 3DTV 2 years ago.
Kellie Pickler in 3D music performance is up.

This was a more difficult shoot for 3 reasons- (rant warning)
The stage light director popped an extremely bright spot on Kellie's face almost immediately. I had to quickly scramble to move the camera into manual exposure mode and to compensate for that. After the performance I spoke to one of the cameramen about it and they too had an issue with that.
Kellie went into the crowds and out of my camera reach for much of one number so I cut it in the edit since there was nothing to shoot. No big deal but if you noticed a number was missing, that's the reason.
Finally the crowds got so packed and pushing toward the second half of the show that caused more camera blockage than I like. I don't mind people with small camcorders and cell phone cams glowing as it sometimes makes for some interesting 3D. BUT PLEASE, if you own an ipad2 or other tablet with a camera, it is quite rude to hold that billboard up blocking everyone behind you from seeing the stage. People with these tablet cams need to be taught some etiquette.
I just got a new media server called Himedia 900B. It comes with a YouTube app. If I open up the ap and type in DonLandis in the search bar, my channel comes up. select any video for full screen and select SBS on the TV and I have full screen 1080p x 1920 in 3D. Looks great.
More from the Bellagio-- Spring Gardens recorded in April 2012. If you want lots of color and extreme depth range including plenty of popout, this one is for you.

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