New 3D uploads to my You Tube channel

A short ride out of Tortola BVI is Norman Island, of the famous Treasure Island story. This 3D video features The Caves at Treasure Point and Pirates Bight Bay reefs.

It's come to my attention that some are having trouble with the 3D and are only able to get anaglyph ( red/cyan) which distorts the color quality considerable.

As an experiment I have uploaded two Top / Bottom 3D versions of the recent videos. If you are having trouble with viewing 3D try putting your TV in Top-Bottom mode and use these links:
These are only for those with a true 3D TV

Side by side working fine for me, charging my glasses as both sets died halfway through snorkeling.

Thanks, Don, for the report. I think some older 3D TV's do not recognize the meta data in the 3D SBS files, but newer sets do. My older projector required to be set manually, but the new one works fine. Since YT has changed to all html5 and has eliminated Flash, it forced some older 3D TV's to display everything in anaglyph.

Soon YT will remove the 3D option from YT and we will be forced to add the meta data or the 3D won't display at all. It will be up to us 3D producers to add the metadata before uploading.
Don, I'm not sure when TV's began to utilize the metadata for auto sensing but it seems that people I have talked to with 4K +3D capable are all up to speed as of 2016. The 2K HD + 3D TV's also. I have a vintage 2016 and with a February Firmware upgrade it went from manual to auto sensing for the switch. Anyway, thanks for your info. I thought your TV was newer.

BTW- I'm working on a 360° VR 3D camera with 8 camera sensors. I should be ready to begin shooting with that in July or August. Can you imaging a remake of Carlsbad Caverns in 360 VR 3D? Any ideas on how I can light that up? :)

Also, I have perfected a nice 3D pan video using a single camera on my drone. It uses a similar shooting technique with a single camera that my NEX5n does. The ability of the drone to follow an exact path in the air at a steady constant speed made it possible.

Those are some of my latest projects other than the underwater stuff.

The real 3D Side by Side version for those with a real 3D TV. :)

This is the Anaglyph 3D ( red/cyan glasses required ) or you can disable 3D in the settings and watch in flat 2D.

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