New Channel Lineup 8/17/17

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  1. I don't know if it's related to the 8/17 change, but XM Channel 144 is finally playing what appears to be a live feed of Arirang Radio, that matches the one heard in the Arirang app, instead of the automated Korean music loop it's had for years. I'm excited that there will finally be DJs and a more defined format on this channel. That said, I wasn't super impressed by "Good Morning Seoul" - the female cohost was about as exciting as a cardboard box.
  3. Forgot all about the line up changes until Thursday morning, when I backed out of my garage to leave for work and had no music blaring out my speakers. Looked down and saw 'Updating', and I said, so yeah, that's right, today is Turbo day! Love having it for the satellites now. I could do without Kayla, but I like having Shannon Gunz on the way way home.
  4. I see my favorites migrated over to the new lineup. Pitbull's channel was saved on my radio and I didn't have to change it. Although my radio seems to be skipping over CH 17.
  5. I'm still annoyed that that Pitbull station caused 40's on 4 to move to channel 73. I really wish they kept the decades' channels together. (Yes I know that the Pitbull channel is on channel 13 now.)
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  6. Just me, but I wish they wouldn't open up with Pop radio in the first place. But, then again, Pop listeners are usually the biggest radio audience, along with the crowd that's less inclined to actually go through the entire lineup yo find their stations. All they see is that "some really old music" is right next to the Hits channel. And, as they move the channels around, the 50s on 5 and 60a on 6 are next to be thrown down the dial to make more room to hear the same throw away Pop songs.
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  7. I'm so pissed that Faction moved. I was already upset and then Nick#@&@ck played on Turbo. I freaked
    I have a very strong No TheoryOfANickleCreed rule in my life. I miss punk. My older Sirius player with a lifetime sub keeps me from updating. I miss Faction on 41.
  8. 60's is one of the most listened to music stations 70's not too far behind. (Mentioned in a press brief by Sirius/xm few years ago)
  9. That audience died off
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  10. Excuse me, while I sometimes seem dead, I will not answer to "bring out your dead." Like the answer in the movie, "I'm not dead!" That said, I go back to the 50s group and remember well some of the new hits of the 40's.... :p
  11. Without looking it up, I thought Arbitron had 80s on 8 as the most listened station on satellite radio, but I would imagine all of the decades channels are quite popular. I generally cannot stand any 80's music, be it that horrible synthesized pop or glam rock bands that act all tough but are just a bunch of spandex wearing sissys, but on the rare occasion I land on the 80's on 8, I'm always impressed with the sound quality. I always thought they gave that channel ta little more bandwidth then the others because it was the most listened to.
  12. Lol.
  13. ...for now. Eventually, as the demographics change, there will be less people listening to those as well. Once upon a time, there was a larger audience for 40s music as well.
  14. I'm part of that 40s audience. And I wasn't even born then.
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  15. Xm had 20's music when they started
  16. I've had XM since six months of them launching service, there was no dedicated 20s music station. This is the channel line up from when I first got service in the Spring of 2002. There's Top 20 on 20, which was a Hot AC station where listeners would cast their votes for the top 20 songs, and they were played ad nauseam.

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  17. My was the 40's channel

    Programming - Full Channel Listing
  18. The 40’s station would play older stuff from time to time.
  19. 40's Junction is probably 90% of my listening time.
  20. Haha thanks for posting that from the way back machine. Love the descriptions of the channels, especially for 41 and 42.