New Channel Lineup 8/17/17

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  1. I knew changes were coming had no idea what. Was there something you thought they were adding?
  2. FYI wrong date in title. Changes happen on 8/17/2017
  3. Xm has radios that record?(from faq)
  4. Yes they have a few models that record.
  5. I think the update is 8/17
  6. Interesting. I know about replay capability, but do those 10 songs remain in your radio indefinitely?
  7. Yes you have 10 presets and the songs stay there until you replace them. Since it's only 10 songs it isn't a big deal but sometimes those are the songs I want to hear.
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  8. Mine records to a microSD card. Have a bunch of American Top 40's from the 70's channel on it. :)
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  9. Yay, this isn't that bad.

    I've been wanting Turbo on the sats for a long time and no new single artist payola channels!

    I wish they would renumber the channel lineup. Put the channels in each genre together roughly by year the channel covers as best as possible.

    For example Country right now is:

    55 - The Garth Channel
    56 - The Highway
    57 - No Shoes Radio
    58 - Prime Country
    59 - Willie's Roadhouse
    60 - Outlaw Country
    61 - Y2Kountry
    62 - Bluegrass Junction

    Why not:
    55 - Willie's Roadhouse
    56 - Prime Country
    57 - Y2Kountry
    58 - The Highway
    59 - The Garth Channel
    60 - No Shoes Radio
    61 - Outlaw Country
    62 - Bluegrass Junction

    Or better yet, dump both Garth or Kenny Chesney and bring back The Village and the old X Country.

    It would be nice if Octane and Turbo were next to each other.
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  10. I think they want me to get rid of my DehlphiSky2 receiver and get something new. They keep sending me an email to reactivate one of my receivers that ran away from home several years ago. My Skyfi 2 radio is on a lifetime contract and ever since it became SiriusXM I have to have them refresh that radio at least once a week if I don't use it every day. SiriusXM, won't let me add the two radios in my Ram Truck or my Jeep Grand Cherokee to the account I have had for many years.
  11. The Skyfi refresh problem think is a known issue I have seen it mentioned before and I'm guessing will never get fixed?
    Curious what radio's won't they activate? (Or let you put on your account) I have one of their oldest radios since the Skyfi - a Roady 1 activated.
  12. Odd. My 2016 Outback has satellite radio, but never states if it's Sirius or XM. No matter. We won't subscribe anyway.
  13. Mine says "SiriusXM", which obscures the fact that it's a Sirius-only radio. :mad: My daughter's Hyundai says the same thing, but IIRC it's an XM radio only.
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  14. The radio that ran away from home was a Delphi SkyFi3 XM Radio. It went away almost 4 years ago now. I would like to be able to get them to add my my Ram Truck and my Jeep Grand Cherokee onto my lifetime account, but they don't want to do that. I had a Roady 1 also but gave it away to a friend and he still has it working.
  15. Almost the same situation. I don't use the Skyfi 2 (with lifetime subscription) that much. It had been a year since it was last used, but I did a refresh with no problem. I mostly use the internet to listen to SXM.
  16. I am pleased to see Turbo (90's/2000's hard rock) getting a permanent channel 41 on the satellites. This should eliminate Octane from having throwback Turbo takeover days and more listening options for hard rock.
  17. If anything, Octane should now be incorporating some new Punk shows, as they killed any relevance of Faction.