New Channels Added: - Discoveries & Fox Movie

67Yv8t said:
...if Voom can create enough Locks to the customer, then there are no other choices...
Definitely one of the real interesting posts in this thread. Several great points. Voom must have created enough "locks" for me, because there are no other choices for me if Voom goes belly-up. VaVaVoom satellite is my only service -- we cannot get OTA.

Now, I could complain about all the posts about whiners, and about all the whiners who whine about whiners. But then I would be whining about the whiners who whine about those who whine about...... oh, nevermind.
I do see complaints that the company has decided (and if you read my posts, you will see the one re. my phone conversation with a supervisor) that these newly added commercial SD channels are equal to the premium movie channels (HBO, etc) in Voom's opinion.
LMAO, then I suppose if I was to call Voom and want to purchase these 6 channels, I could cough up $20/month for them? Like I would. Get another tier Voom, you are crazy.

=20 .. i cancelled my backup to dish network, the fall back to mediocrity today. even though i am really after fssw .. and the astros, when cdolan anc company added GAC (Great American Counry) of all things, my daughter said if you cancel Voom you are DEAD. :)
P.S. we are in houston .. noggin is good, country is GERMAINE!
truqui said:
I don't think others charge alot for HD...they just don't have as much as Voom!!!
Voom charges a medium fee for SD? What does this mean?

Well I think it matters because Voom hasn't done anything to promote any of the new channels...If in fact having more "cable favorites" is what is needed to attract more subs...THEN VOOM SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! Let people know that Voom is a good option to others plus you get a whole lot more HD and better PQ...

Others do charge a lot for what they offer.
kfried001 said:
Others do charge a lot for what they offer.
Isn't D* HD package only $10.99 and E* HD only $9.99?
Like I said...they don't have as much to offer as Voom which makes it a better option for HD and a great value for the $$$ but this doesn't seem to make the masses flood VOom's phone lines or website with requests to subscribe.

That's why they are adding SD and trying to compete with the others in terms of quantity.

I believe that if Voom would have done this before ( mid last year or earlier) then the subs numbers would have been higher and and exodus from the others would have been more dramatic. Plus I really believe that not having a Spanish language tier yet ahs also hurt them. All of them including cable has it and the numbers speak fro themselves.

I also think Voom is gearing up for all this and at some point (hopefully before the $$$ run out) we will see a big media blitz with all these added channels and a campaign highlighting that Voom has everything D* and E* have plus a whole lot more HD...!!!

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