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New Channels! Discovery 619-623

619-Military Channel
620-Discovery TImes
621-Discovery Home
623-Discovery Kids

619-623 have been added. Military and the discoveries. 288 is Fox Movie Channel. Only VA VA Voom can get them. I hope people like them because I sure don't. Still waiting for my Fox Sports West.
Just noticed them! Unfortunately, the "Suscribe and receive the channel immediately by calling Voom" message shows up. Let's hope this gets cleared up by tomorrow.
I can get all six channels. My screen says "Six Channels Added to Va Va Voom" and then it lists them all.
New channels appearing 3.15.05

I am getting the new Discovery Channels including D-home, Military, Science Channel, D-kids etc, as of 12am 3.15.05. Very happy to have The Science Channel now, it was one I missed from Direc.

fox movie channel(288) discovery times(620) discovery home(621) discovery kids(623) science channel(622) military channel(619), good going voom!!! i love my voom!!!:) hope they are going to be around a long time
Screen from Cell Phone Camera of Voom

I took picture of voom screen advertising the new channels from camera cell phone.


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I'm a bit disappointed that these are only for VaVaVoomers, but I've never seen any of these channels so it doesn't exactly break my heart. But I do find it a bit alarming in that there are now non-premium channels that are only available with VaVaVoom (or perhaps they also bundle them as a stand alone pack that can be ordered for $x/month?). I wonder if this'll be how they add all the new channels from here on out. Hope not -- I'm just not going to spend a hundred bucks a month on tv, no matter how many channels they add.
Hope all you VaVaVoomers enjoy them though! :D
Bbc America?

Shoot, I thought BBC America was coming as well. Who knows anything about BBC's status?

Very dissappointed that these are only VaVaVoom. I mean it is nice to have them, but they did not strike me as "premium channels." I am don't have the money or time to budget for VaVaVoom now, maybe in the future. I was looking forward to Fox Movies though. It was on my cable for a little while and I remember enjoying it.
I must admit I am also disapointed that these channels are for VaVaVOOM.

I don't subscibe to the VaVaVOOM package because I don't want the Premium Channels sinch I already pay for them on Dish Network. And I dont watch the Premiums enough to make them worthwild on Dish Network. (And the only reason why I still have them on Dish Network is because if I get rid of them my bill goes UP because of all the DVR's I have (I have 5 of them)

Now if VOOM had a DVR it would be another story and I could drop Dish all together. :)
I have VaVaVoom and I'm just glad Voom is still on the air. I'll sort out HD/SD in a couple of months. :)
Also since they are part of the DIscover Channel Suite (which includes Discovery Channel, TLC etc...) we should also be getting the rest of ths Discovery package.

Just my opinion. As always just keeping it real. :)
0s and 1s said:
Just noticed them! Unfortunately, the "Suscribe and receive the channel immediately by calling Voom" message shows up. Let's hope this gets cleared up by tomorrow.

You must subrscribe to the VaVaVoom package to receive them from what I have read. If you have the VaVaVoom package and cannot get them, try rebooting your receiver(s).

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