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A 17th game has officially been added to the 2021 NFL schedule.

The previous formula was:
- H&H versus your own division (6 games)
- 2H and 2A versus one of the other divisions in your conference, thus a team would play every team in its own conference in the span of 3 years, and host every one in the span of 6 years.
- 2H and 2A versus one of the other division in the other conference, thus a team would play every team in the other conference in the span of 4 years, and host every one in the span of 8 years.

And most importantly,

- The other 2 teams that finished in the same place in the previous year in the two divisions you are not pared with in your conference. (Ex: if it is the AFC North's year to play the AFC East, the previous year's 1 place team would also play whoever finished 1 in the AFC South and AFC West, 2nd would play 2nd, etc).

To this is added a game against a team from the other conference that finished the same place in the previous year. AFC teams playing an extra home game in odd years, NFC in even years.

Thus, for season record over and unders and such, a team that finished in 4th place will play 5 other teams that finished 4th, every year, and so on. A team that has a "sudden uptick" might just be based on the schedule.
The schedule isn't doing Green Bay any favors. How's this for non-divisonal away games: at Arizona, at San Fran, at Bal, at New Orleans, and the extra game, at KC. So while the schedule beats up on the Packers it leaves the door open for a 3rd rate team like the Bears to win the division by playing lesser opponents. I don't see how the NFL thinks this is a good idea. Go back to rotating divisions like in the past. You get whoever is due up in the rotation instead of hand picked opponents. It just might lead to some better Superbowls instead of some of the dogs we've been subjected to in recent years (how watchable was that Rams/Pats debacle in SB LIII? Remember, the lowest scoring SB ever?).
Thoughts on the upcoming Draft ... April 29th it starts.
Lawrence to Jacksonville is a done deal.
They say Zack Wilson to the NY Jets ....
Mack Jones or Justin Fields to the San Fran 49'ers at 3, or maybe even Trey Lance.

I'm hoping that Fields does go to the 49'ers, mainly so he doesn't go to the Jets where his career would die in the 4 years the contract will be for.
I feel bad for Wilson as well.
If Fields goes to the 49'ers, (or whoever they do take) they will have a MUCH better career than whoever goes to the Jets.

A huge amount of a players success is dictated by who they go to.

If the 49'ers don't take Fields there has been a number of other landing spots mentioned, (does Detroit take him, even though they REALLY need some Top WR's as they let thier top guys go) lot of talk about Denver as well as New England moving up to take him.

Fields and Jones seem to be the QB's that will flip flop possibly .
I think NE would be thrilled to get either.

Before all the speculation, I thought that Maybe Jones would slip to the Steelers at 24, but I doubt that will happen now, then again, would Pittsburgh actually take a QB if one of the Top ones dropped to them ?

Pittsburgh needs RB help ( a Top Notch one that is (should have and could have had JK Dobbins last year and passed) Najee Harris and Travis Ettienne would be Stud pick ups (and who I am hoping they take... either would be fine, but I prefer Harris)
However, they are all saying that you need to take the O Line first and fix that .... I disagree, if you have a chance at a Top RB, you take him ... the O line gets picked in the 2nd and or 3rd round, theres plenty of them out there ... the TOP O Linemen will be long gone before the 24th pick.
You can't get either of these RB's late in the 2nd.
Well the NFLPA has come out in public to look and sound stupid again. First, they refuse to encourage the players to get vaccinated but then say they shouldn't attend mini camp because of the Covid risk. What!? Here's a clue guys, Covid is not going to disappear just because you stick your head in the sand. There are indications it may never go completely away so that's it, you don't ever train in the off season again? Oh but wait, the spokesman then did a 180 and said well, it really was in the best interest of protecting the wear and tear on their bodies if they did not attend mini camp. Here's clue #2 guys, if you are that worried about wear and tear on your bodies you are in the wrong sport! Footbal is physical and guess what, the less you condition yourself the more likely you are going to suffer injury. Wake up players, the NFLPA isn't doing you any favors, get new leadership.
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The only thing I look forward to about the Draft is that the endless parade of Mock Draft articles finally comes to an end. Of course, as a Pats fan, the Patriots haven't been the best drafters either.
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As of this morning, the 9'ers say Jimmy G isn't going anywhere ...

Of course they are not going to SAY YES were trading him, when they can make people wait, and increase his value.

Fwiw, I think the Jets are making a mistake taking Wilson ahead of Fields (neither can save the Jets and either will go no where in the Jets system) ... the farther Fields drops, the better the team he goes with.

IF he should drop to 24 to Pittsburgh, they would have one hell of a choice to make. (Not gonna happen mind you, if he's there for NE, they will take him)

Would the Pats take Trey Lance if he's the one that available at 15 or Pittsburgh at 24 ?
I personally, doubt it.
Or will it be Justin Fields or Mac Jones ?

The Patriots would more than likely have to trade up to get either one of them or Trey Lance. Considering his draft history, that’s something that Belichick is very unlikely to do.
I’m now thinking that the Niners might hold onto to Jimmy G.
If they hold on to Jimmy G, it will be Trey Lance they select.
They might hang on to him with Fields or Jones as well.
I get a feeling that they definitely don't want Fields ... he hasn't been mentioned with them much ...

Possible Smoke Screen ???
The Patriots would more than likely have to trade up to get either one of them or Trey Lance. Considering his draft history, that’s something that Belichick is very unlikely to do.
I think they will trade up ...they haven't had to worry about that for 20 years now ...
I think they want Jones or Fields, whichever is left for them to trade up to.

I've heard they are looking to trade with 7 or 8.
They have to stay or get ahead of Denver ... (even though they now have Teddy Bridgewater.)

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