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Sep 28, 2004
Just was curious if someone here could post a full report / review of tonights first NFL 4k HDR game.

Dish didn't bother to show it on their 4k channel.

On Directv the HD picture had very overblown whites on the Eagles uniforms.

Did they show it with HDR?
If so how did it look on the blown whites of the uniforms and the dark areas of the picture.

Did the 1080P look good or bad?

I saw another poster say it wasn't very good on the picture.

On the Directv HD channel when they did slo-mo replays I could see obvious
motion artifacting. If this was "Real 4k 60P" you would not have seen this garbage.

The Olympics looked amazing for Hockey and Skating in slo-mo 4k 60P HDR.
To date that is the gold standard IMO for sports (sourced from 8k hdr).

Even though I'm disgusted about 1080P HDR upconverted.
If it looked good it would be small step aways from this overcompressed crap HD we've had for
so many years now. Even if they are lying to us with the whole 4k thing.

So please post your reviews.
Very curious what everyone who saw the 4k channel has to say.


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Jan 20, 2006
"Middle of Nowhere"
Despite the broadcast not being true 4k I thought it looked outstanding. No issues whatsoever with the PQ.
I did, however experience a periodic black screen.
This lasted a half second to a second and occurred throughout the broadcast.
I witnessed this on two separate displays.
What I did not experience was the freezing/pixillating that I usually experience on all channels.

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