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Sep 8, 2003
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Further proving that Nintendo is seperating itself from Sony & MS in the next generation of gaming, IGN has posted the specs of the Revolution. As has been long rumored, Revolution will be about 2x the power of the GameCube.

For Nintendo it is all about the controller and a new way to play games, not horsepower.

IBM "Broadway" CPU - 729 MHz
ATI "Hollywood" GPU - 243 MHz w/ 3MB Texture Buffer

It will be interesting to see how this next-gen war sorts out. From the game boards I visit, it seems that most of the "hard-core" PS2/3 & XBox/XBox360 gamers are going to pick up a Revolution as their 2nd console. The big question for Nintendo, IMO, is if they can get the "casual" gamer and non-gamer to jump on the Revolution bandwagon.

Specs Source:

Great Follow-up Read:
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