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In a rather arrogant move IMO, Atari is asking the public to give them money to bring Rollercoaster Tycoon to the Switch. So basically they want to crowdfund it, but it's done in a rather perplexing way that isn't very friendly to the investors.

Atari Game Partners Wants You to Fund RollerCoaster Tycoon for Nintendo Switch

I certainly wouldn't do this but I haven't participated in crowdfunding for any product. At least in this case "investors" have can get a share of the profits and it's not just a donation like Kickstarter though. It does seem ridiculous to give people who put $750 in a 25% discount instead of just giving them a code for a digital copy of the game though.

Edit: I also wouldn't be surprised to see Planet Coaster just get ported to the Switch and eat this game's lunch. This is a much more modern and well received take on the genre than RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic, which is what I assume would be ported to Switch since it's their only game since 2006.
So in less than 1 year, Nintendo sold more Switch consoles than it sold Wii U consoles in its entire lifespan, by 1 million consoles.
A large contributor to this, is the portable nature. Because it makes it more susceptible to being an individual's console instead of a family console, so you get family's like mine that buy a switch for themselves and each of the kids.
Nintendo Labo comes out today. So me and the youngest boy will be busy with that this weekend. :D

I also need to make up some Creo models for the pieces so I can use the 3D printer at work to print out sturdier replacements if/when needed.

Valve announces Steam Machines, the Steam Box hardware beta

MINI-NES Classic Edition

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