No signal.

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Feb 11, 2017
I am trying to hook up a single satellite (Astra 28.2°E) from europe.
first i tried aligning the specific sate (astra), no signal,
thenI tried swiveling the dish in all directions but no signals either.
The wires are good, the lnb is new the dish is also new.
what could be the problem?

DISH: I have a (76cm) 30" dish
LNB: LNB BEST HD3D 414 Quattro 0,1 dB

Satellite Finder: (YC-SF9502A)

Satellite Data Dish Setup Data

Name: 28.2E ASTRA 2E | ASTRA 2F | ASTRA 2G
Distance: 38377km
Elevation: 32.7°
Azimuth (true): 169.3°
Azimuth (magn.): 164.3°
LNB Skew [?]: 0.6°
The wires are good, the lnb is new the dish is also new.
what could be the problem?
Then it is only one possible cause left...... MAGIC! Welcome to Forum.
But, seriously: Why do you use Quattro LNB? Why not simple universal LNB?
I'm really new to this fta too but i noticed when trying to tune in to sats over n America with a x2 universal lnb that when my receiver setting for lnb was off i would get no signal.

When it was turned to on , 13v or18v i would get signal. Maybe verify that your receiver is sending power to your lnb?
Are you in Europe? If so, what country and city? For North America, this satellite is below the horizon.

Agree with RimaNTSS, unless you must use the Quattro, a simple Universal type LNBF will be much better. For members not aware what a Quattro LNB is: A Quattro is a High/Low band KU LNBF with four fixed outputs for each polarity and band combination.

Is the coax connected to the correct port that corresponds to the band and polarity of the transponder you are wanting to receive? Is the correct transponder selected from the 28.2E list before trying to locate the satellite?

Maybe take a few photos of the dish elevation mount, LNB, STB menu screen.
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Well, it seems odd that you seem to receive NOTHING with your satellite finder, so no satellite at all, even if you have a quattro LNB.

First thing that comes to my mind: Do you have an offset dish? If yes: how do you chose your elevation with that?

Or does the quattro LNB need power supply on a specific port, and did you chose another port for your test?

I assume the 13V or 18V LED of you satellitefinder lights up? Did you turn the knob of it so, that you allready hear a very soft BEEP?


Edit: I assume you are in Poland?
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