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Sep 8, 2008
Cavalier, North Dakota
For a very long time I've been watching with increasing concern as our elected officials grow more concerned with financing their re-election than representing the people who voted them into office. There are over 36,000 lobbyist in Washington DC alone, not counting the lobbyists working each state capitol.

You and I cannot, for instance call up our local congressman's/senator's office to talk one on one with them about any particular issue with any prayer of a chance of actually getting some face time. Donate $100,000 for a re-election campaign and the doors will miraculously open.

Executives in corporate boardrooms all know this and use $$$ as a tool to further their interests all state and federal legislative proceedings.

Money means access, and ordinary citizens like you and I don't have enough jack to mean jack sh*t to our leaders.

No access means your voice is not heard. Not heard on health care, the bank bailout, on jobs, the continuing war costs, or anything else that matters.

This is a mid-term election year and I have a them all!

Every incumbent who is up for re-election, replace each and every one of them them with a fresh face. Imagine! The entire House and 1/3 of the Senate being replaced by our votes. Think that may get their attention? I think so.

From Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House to the most junior Senator, Minnesota's Al Franken...sack them all!

With all those new faces in DC, something good is bound to happen. A room full of monkeys could not do us any more harm than has been done to us as a nation by our electorate in the last couple of years.
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