Olympic games anywhere on fta?

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Opening ceremony not 'til Friday.
NBC has "exclusive rights" to air the Olympics in the US so I'd check their usual places.
Only catch is you'll probably need a DVB-S2 and 8PSK to get it.
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Understand that 2 previously unused transponders have been booked on G19KU. Don't have any information regarding who booked or the format, but have been asked to take signal readings for possible future use.
A few things:

1) Check AMC 1, and fire up the HD/DVB-S2 box if you have one. They feed stuff up there, and doing a blind scan on that satellite might be a good idea. I seem to remember hearing of multiple feeds up there during the last Winter Olympics.

2) Scan 97W. The summer Olympics were on multiple channels two years ago, which allowed us to watch the opening ceremonies as they happened ... not when NBC wanted us to.

3) Check 72 and 83, which are also used by NBC. It's a crapshoot, but worth looking.

4) This List of 2010 Winter Olympics broadcasters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia from Wiki has Azteca listed as a broadcaster of the Olympics, which is on 93 West. Give that a chance as well.
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