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Apr 2, 2006
Maiden Rock, WI
could someone please tell me if the openbox s9 is fully able to receive very high data rate dvb-s2 video? was trying to get a 36mhz HD picture in last night and even though signal quality was very good on the lower bit rate video on the satellite, could not get a stable lock on the high bit rate stuff. Is dish size a huge factor on these feeds? Like I said I get very good signal strength on the lower bit rate feeds on this bird. I'm using a 85cm dish and it was a ku-band feed. Thanks.


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Jun 24, 2006
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I suspect your dish size/aim . A 36 Mhz stream is not so awfully big that it should be a problem. Acquiring a good lock on an S-2 tp requires typically a larger dish and/or more precise aiming than a DVB-S tp. Another issue is the actual output power of the tp, which nobody can guess at. I have watched 60 Mhz + streams (DVB-S, 4:2:2 1080i HD) acquired on a 90cm dish, when all factors were fine. Now, if you told me that the DVB-S2 stream was a 36MB symbol rate, then we'd be talking a potentially monstrous datastream that I think would challenge most receivers. I don't think that's the case , though. Hope this helps, in a general way. :)


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Dec 1, 2006
symbol rate = 27.489
data rate = 37.9995
FEC 3/4

should I be able to get this with a 85cm?

Openbox S10 played a feed similar to that just fine Saturday evening using MPEG-2 HD video (yes, I know this is a Openbox S9 discussion, but I thought I'd mention S10 for reference because the two boxes probably are similar enough to make a comparison). 85cm might be too small - depends who is uplinking the feed because not all uplinked signals (or even satellites) are equal signal strength, let alone where you are in the footprint and what the weather is like at your downlink or at the uplink. One of those feeds with those parameters Saturday evening was too weak on my 1.2m dish and caused occasional tiling so I had to use my 8' dish to get solid reception.
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