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Sep 1, 2010
lower alabama
my signal meter on my s9 is not working,but quality meter doing good.I changed to a couple differant satellites,still no signal meter.Any idea what's going on?:rolleyes:
when you have signal, your green light is lit on the front of the receiver. if you have signal of 45 and q of 5 to 7 or 8, then your dish is not pointed at the satellite. charlie
yes the green light is lit when i am locked on a bird,but still no response from the signal meter...oh well it does not interfere with the performance of the s9,because it is still a great box......s9 ..6foot dish...b1sat stack giving me terrific programming.
that signal meter occurs when you hit the info key. if you hit the key three times, the signal meter stays on the screen. is that what you are referring to? charlie
unless you have a hard drive hooked up and timeshift on...then it doesnt show the signal bar unless you turn off the timeshift option ;)
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