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  1. As expected, the PC version of Bayonetta has been released, sporting 60FPS and 4K resolution.

    Wow, the MSRP is only $20. Not bad.

  2. I'll definitely be buying this. I wonder if that 60 FPS they are advertising is locked though. With this being such a fast paced game with relatively low system requirements those of us with 144Hz monitors are going to want to play this game at 144 FPS.
  3. The 60 FPS is locked. Perhaps they did this since the game is so timing based, so if you were to hit a frame rate hitch it could throw you off. Also, maybe enabling that functionality would have required more resources and balancing that they just didn't feel like investing.

    Either way, reviewers are already declaring this the "definitive" way to play the game. I'd REALLY like the 2nd one to be ported to PC as well, but I don't see that happening unless Nintendo decides to sell off the publishing rights to Sega, because Big N sure as hell isn't going to do it unless the higher ups in Japan start taking some logic and good business pills..
  4. So here's a rumor I'll call, interesting.

    AMD was revealing their new R5 CPU in Korea and showed off screen shots of upcoming games. One of the screenshots appears to show Master Chief in a shot from Halo 3.

    Whether or not this was just an oversight or an unofficial reveal of a Halo PC game is unclear.

    If a Halo game were to come to PC, I'd have to think it'd be either the Master Chief Collection or Halo 6. I don't really see the point of doing a remaster/re-release of Halo 3, especially when a package exists that contains 5 games already. Honestly if they just ported MCC to PC and threw in a server browser I'd be all over that and I think it would sell really well, but then again let's not forget that 343 is unfortunately in charge of the franchise now, the same people who couldn't figure out proper matchmaking systems, and also thought that no one would complain when split screen AND free LAN functionality was removed from Halo 5..
  5. Even if the MCC was ported over to PC I doubt I would buy it again. If they made it a Play Anywhere title I would definitely check it out since I own it digitally on Xbox One. I would hope that would be the case but so far they haven't been going back to games that came out before the Play Anywhere rollout and giving people access on both platforms.

    There aren't a ton of Xbox first party games in the Windows 10 store from before Play Anywhere existed but there are examples like Gears Ultimate Edition. I own that game digitally on Xbox One but I don't have access to the PC version on the Windows 10 store.
  6. Yeah I mean I'd need a LOT of assurances that a PC version of MCC wasn't the mess that the original was. It really bums me out that the community (understandably) abandoned the game so soon, because had it been executed properly I guarantee it would still be enduring well. It'd also be rough because I can't imagine anyone like me would be buying this on Day 1..
  7. Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is coming to Steam on 4/20.

  8. Bayonetta sold about 100k copies in its first week.

    AMD released their new 8GB RX 580 yesterday. This is actually the same GPU that is in their RX 480 running at higher clock speeds. This means that it isn't a drastic performance improvement over the 480. At 1080p it's 6% better on average and at 1440p it's 8% better on average.


    The RX 480 and GTX 1060 traded blows. Both cards had very similar performance with one being slightly better than the other depending on the game. AMD didn't make enough of a performance bump for people who already own a RX 480 or GTX 1060 to upgrade here. They also didn't get close to a GTX 1070 so people looking for a 1440p card probably won't be interested. What they did do is bump the performance enough that the 580 pulls ahead in most of the games where the 1060 used to be slightly better.

    When the RX 580 is better than the GTX 1060 in most games for about the same price it seems that the 580 should be the default recommendation for people looking for a 1080p GPU. The 1060 is still close enough to justify if you really like Shadowplay or have an aversion to AMD's driver support, though it sounds like that has gotten much better over the last couple years.
  10. In preparation for the launch of "Heroes 2.0" (AKA Heroes of the Storm), Blizzard is offering groups of characters for free to suit your play style:

    If Reddit is any indication, this is great news and looks to be a nice way to encourage new players to come in. I may have to give HoTS another look thanks to this. I mean, MOBAs are so massively popular nowadays and to completely ignore them like I have is doing a disservice to someone such as myself who likes to consider themselves a well rounded gamer. Well, at least I fit "Well rounded" from a physical standpoint.
  11. That is actually a pretty big deal considering that heroes typically sell for $5-$10 each. If you ever want to check it out just let me know. I haven't played in a long time and I'm certainly not great at it but I used to play a lot of HoTS. I was already planning on getting back into it once the 2.0 update goes live but I think I'm going to play a few rounds today since I have the day off.

    Even if you aren't sure you will ever want to get into this game I highly recommend logging in and grabbing one of these bundles when they go live on the 25th. If you ever do decide to play the game, having that many heroes available to pick from will make a big difference.
  12. Yeah I'll definitely log in to pick up the Support pack just so I have them.
  13. I planned to check it out the last two closed weekends in a row but both times they were only allowing 1 on 1 duel matches so I didn't bother. I missed the weekends that were deathmatch and team deathmatch.

    Edit: looks like they are doing a new mode this weekend too. It still won't be a simple deathmatch.
  14. After much speculation, Sega announced today that Vanquish, another Platinum game, is coming to PC on May 25th.

  15. I've never played Vanquish but after the Bayonetta PC launch I saw a lot of people asking for this.
  16. I don't think it was so much that people were asking for it, but once they made that update to Bayonetta that added a Vanquish skin then everyone went into a frenzy about it coming as well.

    Either way I'm all for this. I'm not going to complain about more games coming to the PC platform. It'd also be nice though if Sega took the opportunity to port these games to the One via BC. Then again it would also be nice for Nintendo to release their control on Bayonetta 2 publishing rights but I'm not holding my breath on any of these things to happen anytime soon.