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Sep 27, 2004
I am just starting in FTA and am having some trouble. I did a lot of reading online before and after I bought my equipment but I am just not getting it. Here is what I have set up:

Azure Shine 90cm dish
Stab HH90 motor
Chieta 1x2 22khz switch
Genpix SkyWalker-1 USB card w/ latest driver 1.1.1
DVB Dream v. 1.4i

I have installed the dish mount pole perfectly plumb in both directions. The motor angle is set to my latitude, about 48 N. The dish is set to the angle given both by Stab and by, 38 degrees. The motor is at its centered position and the dish is pointed true South, 180 degrees. I have been able to use DD to move the dish to Echo* 9 121 W, the nearest satellite to my longitude of 122.3 degrees West. The connections are one linear and one circular output from the LNB to the switch, switch to motor LNB port, motor REC port to SkyWalker-1, SkyWalker-1 to computer USB 2.0 port. So far, so good.

Next I tried to find the satellite by using the SignalDisplay module in DD but could not get anything but "zero" from it. I was assuming it would work something like an inline satellite finder does, just indicating raw signal levels. No luck. After several frustrating hours, I went to Radio Shack and bought a Winegard SF 1000 Satellite Finder. When this was inline between the SkyWalker-1 and the LNB I didn't have to move the dish very far to get a strong result, so it appears I have power to the LNB and am getting something back. Still the SignalDisplay gives only zero.

I am quite technically oriented and have a lot of computer experience, but I am just not understanding all that I need to do inside of DD to make this work. DD doesn't come with much of a help system so I can't seem to find the answers I need. Can anyone who has sucessfully conquered all of this please lead me by the hand since I am apparently clueless?

1. Is there a preference for which LNB output (linear or circular) should connect to which switch port?

2. In Options/Diseqc Settings what do I choose for switch type with my 22khz switch? I have mostly tried "none" and I set the satellite to Echo* 9. If I say I do have a Mini Diseqc it won't let me set the same satellite for both ports. Should I even be putting anything in Diseqc Settings with a motorized dish?

3. Assuming I should be in this area, when I choose satellite properties what LNB type should I choose for my setup? None of them give the two LOF settings for my LNB, 10.75 and 11.25 GHz. Also, what should the 22khz tab be set to?

4. Does anyone know exactly what is required to use the SignalDisplay module (any prerequisite settings, correct satellite chosen somewhere, etc.?)

I have tried several times to do a channel scan, including after I showed a good signal with the sat finder but this is where I really feel my problem may lie. Without a good help system, I feel totally in the dark about what is required both in what needs to be done before trying to scan and in exactly how it is done?

Please do your best to walk me through the exact process of scanning a satellite. Assume that I am totally ignorant, tell me every detail that you think might have a bearing on anything. I really need help! The only condition I ask is that you refrain from guessing and confusing me more. I am looking for people who may have a similar setup and know what is needed. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Please reply by conversation.

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