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Aug 2, 2009
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I have a GeosatPro that doesn't get anything on Galaxy 19 3760 V 31456 but I get 69% SQ using my TBS 6922SE PCIe card even though my Birdog shows that I have a much stronger signal on the good dish. The 2 receivers are using separate antennas. The interesting thing is that the antenna that the TBS card is hooked up to has a lot of damage and is even missing a panel while the Geosat is hooked up to a much better antenna. Both are 12 footers. Also, the Geosatpro sees other transponders at 60-70% SQ so I know that the good antenna is pointed at the right bird. The antenna that the Geosatpro is connected did have snow in the dish but cleaning it out didn't help. The Geosatpro was picking up the Azteca mux yesterday before the snow storm. I have noticed that the Geosatpro won't pick up some transponders that the TBS card can. I can't say that the Geosatpro is bad because it locks the transponder on the bad dish. I haven't a clue as to why both receivers can lock onto the transponder when connected to the bad dish and not when connected to the better dish with the much stronger signal.

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