Galaxy 33 133W - Transponder 16 Vertical


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May 16, 2023
Northern Lower Michigan
C/N of this transponder in particular receiving 4.02GHz fluctuates and causes problems.

Bally Sports RSNs are the only channels we have issues with in our field.

We've done everything Sinclair, USSI, and Intelsat has told us to do.

I have even entirely replaced the dish and all equipment, cabling, splitters, receivers, xcode, etc.

Does anyone have an idea of why this bird/transponder is so hard to receive consistently?

We use blue filters, good LNBs.

The C/N fluctuates repeatedly about 1.5dBm over and over.

When the receivers switch to the 4.02GHz feed it's hell for our CSR's.

Collectively $15,000 spent on this problem at this point.

Should I wave the white flag and call out USSI and fork out the money for them to fix it?