PS3 & Wii pre-order @ ToysRUs October 29

the 29th is the day they release their "big book" in sunday's newspaper. most of the toys r us will have the hard to get tmx elmo as well.

expect big lines if they have ps3, wii, and elmo's available.
Here are the details:

- Presells will start on Sunday Oct. 29 for both the Wii and the PS3
- $50 down to reserve and you are reserving JUST THE SYSTEM, i.e. no bundle reservation required
- Limit of 1 per person per system (for PS3 you can only reserve one of the two)
- Your reserved system MUST be picked up withing 48 hrs. of the release date (PS3 by the close of business on 11/18, Wii by the close on 11/20)
- Limited amount of reserves will be done per store. You will have to check with your local store to find out the number as I have already heard different values for different stores.
- We will receive more units than we are reserving so if you do not get to reserve it then check back on the release date.
- Game pre-orders are $5 down.

There will be a very limited number of PS3s & Wiis. A store example is the Bakersfield, CA. They will have 20 Wiis, 7 60gb PS3s, & 1 20gb PS3 for pre-order.
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There are reports on the game boards about people already camping out. Besides the Wii & PS3 pre-orders, TRU is releasing the hot Elmo TMX.

Also don't forget about the time change.
ive never been to one of these frenzy pre order parties. do people actually form a line at toys r us before it opens, or does the door just end up being rushed into from all angles. does it make sense to camp out? im really looking forward to checking out resistance on the ps3, so im planning to put forth an effort in pre ordering.

PS3 and XBOX360 where in the book...but they where just "ads"

The Wii was a full page, broken down with a larger amount of detail (not usually found in the "book" like that)

One thing they screwed up though..... They didn't have Wii or Nintendo in big enough or bold enough text.... I missed it the first time through the book.

As for the pre-orders.
It was crazy. I came home from a Halloween party Saturday/Sunday night.

At about 1:00am (the 2nd 1:00am after DST adjustment)....
There had to be no less then 30 people outside at the ToysRUs
Easily... they had a mini-bonfire going (not sure how they got away with that).

So I don't think they where all there to get Tickle-Me-Elmo
In my area they passed out a notice that they had only 5 PS3s and 15 Wiis to presell. When the manager was asked about the total he stated that these were all his company was allowing each Toys-R-Us stores to do. He didn't know if they were getting any more and he stated that they were not taking any names for a call list. Seems getting a PS3 on a presell is gonna be tuff. I guess I am going to have to camp out.

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