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Jun 1, 2007
Hi ... I'm new to the forum, so please bear with me.

I'm wondering if anyone out there in Raleigh-Durham NC is having trouble with their HD locals, as I am.

Here's my situation, and any help is much appreciated in advance.

I have two HD setups -- one HD-DVR downstairs, and one regular HD box in the bedroom. On both of them, when I turn to my five HD local stations, here's what happens: I get the guide screen telling me what's on ("WRAL News at Noon," at noon, for instance) but then I get a blank, black screen.

The SD locals work fine, and so do my national (ESPN, TNT, NFL Network, etc.) HD broadcasts. Only the HD locals are giving me trouble.

I talked to three D* folks and tried all the recommended fixes -- resetting the receivers, checking the transponder numbers (all the appropriate ones are in the 80s and 90s). They seemed to think it was "a broadcast problem."

EDIT: As of about 3:15 pm the HD locals were working again. But did anyone have this trouble earlier today, or was it just me?
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Aug 20, 2007
Sounds like your dish needs to be peaked. what is the rough average of 110 119 and 103c? I live and work in the Raleigh DMA and there are no spot beam issues this time of year for this area, just in Sept/Oct and March/April. Do you live in Durham/CH or elsewhere in the Triangle.

It also got to 98 degrees here today, it is possible one or some of the connectors were not prepped correctly at the LNB or at the ground block and with the heat may have moved the cable stinger just enough to loose signal for a while and when the sun peaked over your house it cooled enough to reset itself correctly. If you have a Protection Plan and this occurs again tomorrow and you do not live in Durham/Chapel Hill, PM me and I will give you a tech name to request that will make 100% sure it is working.
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