Really need help setting up a channel/frequencies on analogue reveiver.


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Sep 15, 2006
I have an Luxor XTM 980 analogue satellite reciever/decoder. The analogue system hasn't been used for about five yeards but now I want to start using it to tune radio stations. I've tried several times with different radio stations but I can't get it working. When we stopped using it it had been recieving signals from Astra 1 and no one have changed anything since then. Maybe I should add that the Luxor isn't the reciever I used to use, can it be something with that? Maybe changes setup becasue of the new LNB's?

This is the station I want to be able to tune on my analogue receiver:
Satelliten - Astra 1a
Frequenz - Tonträger von Super RTL (11.391 GHz) und VOX (11.273 GHz)
Kanal - analog 7,74/7,92 (SuperRTL) und 7,38 /7,56 (VOX) MHZ
Polarisation - horizontal
Sound - stereo​

This is what I changed and what was alread entered in the settings:

First of all I (obviously :D) clicked on "menu" on the remote control. There there was two settings I could change:

AFC: Till (To in english I think)
Decorder-scart: DEC.​

and then I clicked on "program settings" or "channel settings" and I filled in the following information:

Sat: Astra 19E
Frequency: 11273 Mhz
I.a MF: 1523 Mhz
TV/Radio: Radio
Decod. sign.: E D (decod sign. in english I think)
Contrast: High
Sound: 2
---(clicked on OK on Sound to get this sound menu)--->
Modus: Stereo
Sound A: 7.38 Mhz
Sound B: 7.56 Mhz
Båndbredd: 130 khz (bandwidth in english I think)
Ljudkorrektion: Adaptive (Sound correction I think in english I think)
---(end sound menu)---​
Polarisation: H18 (polarisation I think in english)

That was the current settings, here is the options I could choose from:

Main menu settings:

Decorder-scart: DEC and VCR
AFC: To and From.

Channel/program settings:

Dekod Sign (Decod Sign in english I think): E A, E C, E D, I A, I C and I D.
Bandbredd (bandwidth in english I think): 130 khz, 280 khz, 380 khz and 600 khz.
Ljudkorrektion (sound correction in english I think): Adaptive, 50, 75 and J 17.
Polarisation (polarisation in english I think): H 18 and V 14.
Kontrast (Contrast in english I think): High and Low.​

I really need help with this because I don't really know what all those settings mean and I've tried to find out but I just found an explanation to a few of them so please, read trough it and see if you can find any errors/wrong settings.

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards
Oskar R
oskare100 said:
When we stopped using it it had been recieving signals from Astra 1 and no one have changed anything since then.
Are you sure these stations are still there? Looking at lyngsat, I notice 11.273 was posted to lyngsat on August 24, 1999. And, 11.391 was posted to lyngsat on August 3, 2004. That seems like an awfully long time period with no updates for the channels. Especially the way channels seem to move around, appear, and disappear. I can't get that bird to check it out for you, because there's to much earth between me and it.
I know nothing about the LUXOR receivers. I remember seeing advertisements for them, probably 20 or so years ago. Hopefully, someone else can help you out?
Good Luck!

I'll try to help. This is my best guess and may not be totally exact.

I'd first ask if you are receiving anything at all on the receiver. There are several in-the-clear stations you should be able to receive. If not, could the dish have been moved off the satellite? Also,you mentioned changing LNBs. You have set up the receiver for an LNBF with an local oscillator of 9750 mhz. Is that what you have? Was the LNB skewed when installed?

AFC: Should be On or Off. Some decoders require the AFC to be Off to work.

Decoder-SCART: Selects between the decoder or SCART connector for output.

I.a MF: Intermediate Frequency - currently set for using a LNB with a 9750 mhz local oscillator frequency. If your new LNB has a different local oscillator frequency, this will have to be changed.

Dekod Sign: I think this is the video filter selection for the decoder output. That way you can chose between De-emph, Low Pass, DMAC, or Flat. Different decoders need different types of filtered inputs. I think the E is for external decoders and I is for internal decoders. The A,C,D are the different filters.

Modus: Audio mode - SatCoDX shows Wegener Stereo in use. If you have that option, select that instead of stereo. If not, stereo should work.

Bandbredd: Bandwidth - Normally, the 280 khz should be used.

Ljudkorrektion: Audio De-Emphasis - Should be 50 or J-17.

Polarisation: LNB Polarization Voltage - Currently set up for an LNBF.

Kontrast: Contrast - Brightness of video.

Sound: This may be the input source for the sound, i.e. number 2 means the number 2 connector input on the back of the unit. Check and see if there is a SAT option.

The first thing I'd do is try to pick up anything from that satellite. That way you can fine tune the dish and LNB. Once you know you're on the satellite, you can start changing various settings to find the stations you want. Good luck and have fun.
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