Receivers that decode AC-3 and output on L/R

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May 22, 2004
hey guys, gonna be setting up a little playroom/movie room for my girls and I wanna have the PBS and SOAC available in there. But it's just gonna be a TV and receiver, so I need a receiver that does the internal decoding of AC-3 and outputs over L/R RCA plugs.

I know there are a few, but trying to search that in the Review section is cumbersome for me today. :)

Anyways, just looking for what receviers we know of that do what I am asking. Specifically, does the Visionsat do that as I would love to have a PVR in there to record some PBS kids shows.
The Visionsat does not decode the AC-3. I just got one of the Sonic Voom headphone units from Ebay and hooked it to my Visionsat, it works great for AC-3 decoding, you can hook it up w/RCA plugs and it was less than $20 shipped. :)
HD boxes will decode it as extra equiment needed
I don't know of any SD only boxes that do
Dang. I thought I remembered reading one or two SD's that did for some reason. Well, Since it's gonna be on some known stuff I won't need blindscan, I can probably pick up an extra HD box somewhere in the next couple months. Hopefully by then the bottom will drop out the pirate market.
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