Recordings Re-Order?


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Sep 27, 2006
After being a DTV customer since 1996 I just noticed yesterday that I could view sub-sections of my recordings list by choosing a sequence located in the left column. I think this is a neat feature but I would like to expand it or have to ability to sequence the entries my self. For instance, I have about a dozen concerts I have recorded over the past few years and I would like to group them together. I would do this either by creating a new custom group called Concerts or by moving the entry manually; something like being able to reorder Apps in an Android operating system on Firestick, for instance.

I know this would be tough using the remote but could be possible on my PC on the DTV web site. Can it be done?
I'm not aware of any ability for you to access the way recordings are kept.
IIRC, you can change them from being organized by last recorded, or possibly by Alphabet ....
I don't know if you can do Folders with them or not, I'm thinking not.

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