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Dec 24, 2016
just to be clear, the digital receiver will not control the analog receiver/dish mover. You will have to select the satellite on the old analog box, let it move the dish, then select the same satellite on the digital receiver and select the channel there. Not ideal, and a diseqc dish mover would do that automatically. Unfortunately, with the Titanium ASC-1 being discontinued, and few sellers still selling some variation of the V-Box, using the old receiver might be the only option at this point (and without a doubt, the cheapest one).

As for a receiver, even if you don't want to spend much, try to stay away from the cheap stuff that is all over eBay. The Amiko that KE4EST sells are great receivers, and not a lot more expensive, and he provides great support.

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Sep 16, 2019
Greers Ferry, Arkansas
Cheapest way to get back into FTA will be to buy a receiver and new LNBF. That Amiko was what I started with. Good receiver for pointing a dish. Much better than the $40 china express deals that have uncalibrated signal meters. Get the Titanium Lnbf and you can't go wrong. It simply works. And the analog receiver will be a good mover. I am setting up an analog IRD for a mover and I might even experiment with a feedhorn and skew control for the 10ft dish I am restoring. I wish I had invested in an ASC1 mover, but I didn't even have a C Band dish when they were discontinued. I spent under $200 to get my free BUD running.
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