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Apr 30, 2010
Hey guys,

It's been quite some time since I posted. I have been living in an apartment facing the woods the past year, so no FTA fun. :rant:

I have a 36 inch Ku setup sitting in my parents shed I've been fiending to break out once again.

I'm moving to a new place next month that overlooks the eastern waters...but looking at dishpointer - the most optimistic west I can go due to LOS issues would be 89 west, unfortunately...but I do have extremely clean LOS basically until 0 degrees basically... top floor, pointing over the water

I realize LOS doesn't mean jack unless you're in the footprint..

My question is - having my hard stop at 89 west - would it make sense to bother playing around with anything east of amazonas? And yes I've been searching this...just curious on "is it worth it" - with a 36 inch Ku setup opinions..

I've missed wild feed hunting! Good to be back posting at least :D
Soo I thinnnk my answer to myself after a little more searching would be yes. Looks like I'll be able to have enough fun on the east of 89 side of the arc...mainly wondering what's going on out there on non-America sats footprint wise...
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I think there's enough East of 89W on KU to make things interesting. H2 (74W) has feeds. Then there's also RTV and the NBC Mux. Certainly better than nothing.
From this far north, the only Atlantic satellites that I think I'm in the footprint on Ku are 15, 22, 30, 37, 45, 53, and 58. 30 has lots of channels, mostly in Spanish (although some of them show American programming!), 45 has one full-time channel from Saudi Arabia and very rare feeds, and 37 has rare feeds. Those are the ones I can confirm personally. I have a tree blocking 58 and 53, which supposedly only have occasional feeds, blocking 22, which also apparently only has rare feeds, and blocking 15, which has one or two full-time channels and occasional feeds.
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