RG6 Coaxial cable recommended for DirecTv HDDVR

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Sep 14, 2009
The current cablling in the house, one is RG6 cable which reads "RG6 2200 MHZ E113333A 18 AWG Type CM, CL2 or CATV (UL) C(UL) Type CMG" the other cable is black with no writing but seems to be the same deminsions. I know RG6 18 is used and I am not sure about the othe numbers and letters meanings but I am concerned about the 2200 MHZ. I know some RG6 is 3 GHZ which I assume is better or will the 2200 MHZ be sufficient?

No writing on the second cable is there a way to verify?
3GHZ is 3000 MHZ all that means is it has been tested at the higher frequency, it dosen't mean the 2200 MHZ won't also pass 3000 it just means it isn't tested.
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