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Sep 7, 2003
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I have some sad news to report, I have just been informed that our friend Bob Hale (known here as N1WBD) passed away this weekend. He died at Hitchcock Hospital and Hanover NH at 9AM ET

You can find out more details about Bob and his death by CLICKING HERE

I want to thanks each and every one of the SatelliteGuys members who chipped in to make his last days with us as comfortable as possible, not only did you give him a voice in his last days but you also enabled him to get somoe goodies which took his mind off the pain of cancer. When I set up the special forum he couldn't see I was only trying to get money for the special speach software he needed, little did I expect that you guys would pay for the software and keep on giving.

I also want to thank Frank JR. who was working SO hard on something special for Bob, Bob was an avid ham radio operator and FrankJR was working through all the red tape so that Bob could talk to the International Space Station. It is my understanding that Frank just finished going through all the red tape including getting permission from the head of NASA to make this possible, the only think left (that I know) was to get Bob a special 2 meter radio sho that he could contact the space station. Thank you Frank for your hard work!

Thank you again for making Bobs last days the best they could be. Cancer is a terrible thing.

Whatever your drinking at the moment, please stop and pay a toast and remember a fellow SatelliteGuy member who is no longer with us. Rest in peace Bob!



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Feb 26, 2006
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R.I.P. Bob. You'll no longer need to be "DX'ing" with the one who makes it all happen...

Scott - Tks for your efforts and eulogy of sorts...


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Wow. A lot faster than he or we expected. At least he had people supporting him on getting a bit done on his way out. Community.

Odd thing is, I was just thinking of sending him a PM this weekend to see how he was doing.
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Sep 7, 2003
Newington, CT
Found this tribute to Bob and thought I would share...

Hi Jon,
I’m sure you received Michele’s email regarding Bob’s passing at 0900
this morning. What a shocker. I have known Bob since 1985 when he was KA1NHI,
New Hampshire’s Intellectual or as I called him to his face…New Hampshire’s
Idiot. Hehehhe. We always got along great. He was my Unka Duddly and I was his
Unka James in emails we exchanged. Before he lost his voice I could expect two
or three phone calls per week to learn something new from Big Bob. Sure gonna
miss our heated political discussions where we could always “agree to disagree”
with one another and then always remain best of buds afterward.
He had the
luck of the draw to get N1FVL when he applied for a new call after KA1NHI.
“NoOneFartsVeryLoudly” You don’t have to wonder why he applied for a new call
sign and became N1WBD….”NoOneWillBringDonuts” as he called it. I always called
him “WittoBiddyDuck” as in Baby Huey. Sure glad I got the opportunity to spend
some time with him two weeks ago today…Sunday. He must have used a ream of paper
to write down everything he wanted to say during my very pleasant visit with
him. There were some gestures I understood that needed no translation. Heheheh.
That was my friend Bob.
Bob’s gone back to be master to Peanut and Tara…and
to have those extra-galactic QSO’s with the likes of those who went before him.
W1FSK-Steve Marshall, K1FUB-Fubby, K1GAR-John and the rest of the guys who
donned the moniker of “Silent Key.” I called Bob’s mom last night to check up on
him and was told he was rushed to the hospital by ambulance yesterday morning.
The tumor had pushed out the tracheotomy as reported in your Breaking News
article. His mother told me that doctors gave him 3 to 5 days so all they could
do was to make him “comfortable.” I guess that meant let him sleep. I was
saddened to read Michele’s email this morning but also glad that I got to see
him before he went. I don’t know what else to say right now except, “God rest
your soul Bob Hale it was a pleasure to have you as my best friend. You were
probably a best friend to many people.” We should all have such a gift.
Jim, W1KQ

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