SAT-B Signal Drop

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Jun 4, 2004
Kyle in Republic of Texas
Howdy, new member here. Have been with D* around 6 yrs. Used to have Time Warner.
My question, SAT B used to be above 83% (central Texas). A friend in Chicago used to be 83% now mid 60%. Does a SAT move? Did D* move the SAT to make a "slot" for 7, that was just launched. Did SAT C move also, it dropped some also. SAT A is still 93%. Have a SonySATHD300 STB/Toshiba 51HX83. Thanks.

Yes, D* is moving from the old Sat B to the new one. The signal is probably going to fluctuate for a while.
Thanks Chris. I guess it effects some areas more than others & maybe older STB's have a harder time "re-booting" when signal fluctuates....just guessing here. I'm very excited from some of the "info" here about D* and what we D* customers will soon be offered.
Brings up another question.......are we D* customers going to need to upgrade our dish/LNB's with possible 2 dishes?

Thanks again.

Only if you want locals in a really small market. I don't think they'll use the 72.5 slot for anything else, so the Phase III will be fine for the near future.
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