SatelliteAV Motorized System Giveaway, We Have a Winner!

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I would go with the vision sat being it has a usb2.0 for pvr potential. Like to use up hard drives.
I would definetely go with the Visionsat IV 200 for the PVR capabilities. Read a lot of good things about this receiver.
I don't know really which one I would choose as I have never owned anything like this before. I would like DVR and HD abilities in the receiver though.
I'd go for the Visionsat because it has PVR capability. That would allow me to waste my time playing with something new. Plus i would love to have a bigger dish.
I'd have to say the Visionsat because i don't have a PVR and i can't think of anyone that needs one more than me :D
I would choose the visionsat....because of the PVR.
Don't currently have FTA setup. Would love to get into it and explore more ... would be especially nice on the Visionsat with the PVR and USB hookup of the External HD.

I would choose the mercury II. I've never owned a fortec and would like to compare it to other receivers that I have tried. It's power scan sounds very flexible.
Judging from alot of the comments here, I would go with the Visionsat for the DVR capability, I would love to get into this FTA world, butthe expense of starting into the FTA hobby is something my wife would not understand, but once i get into it, I know i would be there to stay.
If I would win the SatelliteAV motorized package giveaway, I would choose the Visionsat IV200 PVR-ready receiver. The Fortec Mercury II is a great receiver, in fact one of the best. Both receivers have a great blind scan function, both have AC-3 output capability, and both have component video outputs. However, the PVR function on the Visionsat seals the decision in its favor for me :)
I'd choose the Visionsat because of the PVR. I already have a Merc II and love it but a PVR would be good.
Please reply by conversation.

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