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Jan 5, 2006
Chicago suburbs.
Alright maybe this is a stretch, but I think a great suggestion.

Since you guys ( mods ) live in the MN Twin Cities area, Have you ever thought of putting together a How to Video on FTA setup ?

You could do it Ala Bob Vila, from plumb pole all the way to live tp , going thru fixed and motorized setups.

I know this takes time and effort, but I've never seen a How To Video on FTA , not only would this be beneficial to the FTA community, but you could sell it for around $20 + bucks (free for new supporting members)

Again this might not be a new Idea, just one of those things you say you wanna do but never get around to, still I think it would be awesome.

Imagine your 1st time FTA'ers buying their dish, Lnb, receiver, wait can't forget the How To Video (hint, hint).

Just to see how this thread goes, I'd like to see what other members think, not to put to much pressure on the mods of course, this is only a suggestion.


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Apr 18, 2006
great idea

If you are in to animation or 3d stuff - there's a website that does that sort of thing, but all on computer animation stuff over at 3dbuzz - I'd suspect that something like that could be great for fta... even go one step further and get vendors involved... add it to the reviews section etc. as folks test out various products. Jason (over at 3d buzz) originally wanted to get various 3d vendors involved in his thing... but sort of failed at that. Over here you already have some sponsers and stuff... maybe do some video productions and stuff. If bandwidth is a problem - figure out a way to get the videos way down in size, and put them on or some other freebie storage place?


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May 6, 2005
Metro New Orleans, LA
Back when UonTV was on IA-5, there was talk of something like this being produced for that channel. Unfortunately, UonTV is no more, but it was a great idea (both UonTV and the video :) )
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