Satmex 5

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Aug 14, 2006
Mississippi Delta
I know, everyone had probably bought up this satellite several times on this thread. Please bare with me on this one...
I can get G10, T7, and other western satellites great. The G10 and T7 have like 75 to 85% quality strength, so I figured I should get the Satmex TPs in great.
I don't get any quality signal strength at all and I spent countless hours trying to bring this bird in.
What am I doing wrong?
The G11, and T6 birds get from 55 to 65% quality strength. I wonder if I have to turn the dish mount a degree or two, or adjust the dish itself...
I want to check with you guys on this before boogying up my system.
Thanks PSB. I figured me living in north Mississippi I would get this bird ok. I did when I was on the C band part of the BUD. I was getting the C band frequencies, I know. I just not having any luck with the Ku setup, with the Primestar 1 meter dish and Invacom .3 LNB (universal).. Thanks for the TPs. I will try again this weekend...
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