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Dec 1, 2003
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You should put in big black letters on the home page that the 811 doesnt come with a DVI cable . Ive seen like a thousand people ask that.!
The list of things that don't come with the 811 would be too long to do that.

Lets see it don't come with a DVI Cable, Firewire outputs, a Dolby Digital Output Cable, a kitchen sink, etc.. :)
It was generous of Dish to include a component cable - use it until you can get your DVI.

Cheep peeps that complain about Dish not doing "this" and not including "that" are a hoot.

Having said that, I am a little miffed that my new 811 didn't come with a 70" Pioneer Elite HDTV attached! The absolute nerve of Charlie! :D

What the hell good is an 811 without an HDTV???
I don't have DVI on my HDTV, but isn't there different size DVI ports on the TV's? One tv may have a DVI connecter while another may anther size DVI connecter.

Is this the case of am I mistaken?

I know when I got my ATI All In WOnder 7500 card and a flatscreen monitor I purchased the wrong DVI cable and needed to get a different type.
There is only one "size" but three flavors of DVI. DVI-D (The one the 811 requires)Digital, DVI-A, which is what most computers use, Analog. And DVI-I which incorporates both A and D.
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