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Oct 2, 2020
I have an HR54 at my home I got a hr24-500 to use at another location. The second reciever works if the hr54 is plugged into the split2mrv. But when I unplug and take it home. I get a Error 775 and cannot locate SWM. What can I do to get the 24 to work at the other location on its own. The second dish is a SL3 LNB. RB/Intl:reverse Band switch type swm tuners dual. Thanks


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Sep 23, 2003
Spencerport, NY
The Genie will power a SWIM LNBF directly, without a separate power supply for the SWM LNBF. The HR24 will not be able to provide enough power for a SWM LNBF, if you connected a Power supply between the LNBF and your HR24 at the second location should work just fine.


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Feb 22, 2014
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DO you have a PI-29 (powersupply) at the Second dish? It needs Power to the LNB --AT home your HR54 Can supply Power t the LNB --that's why it works at home one.

The HR24 Does NOT supply power to the LNB -it requires a PI-21 or PI-29 --If your second home has a SMW LNB then that will work --IF NOT and it's a reg SL3LNB you will need 2 BBC's to get HD channels --

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