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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
A multi lnb dish for linear doesn't need any extra skewing of the lnb if the dish itself skews it lines both birds up with the correct skew on each. Unless you tried pointing it at AMC 1, then you would need extra skew. Starchoice dishes are skewable dual linear lnbf dishes and they have no way to skew the lnb itself, only the dish.
While it is substantially true that adjacent LNBs can be skewed the same (or apparently not at all)...
... see thread: Building a 1.2 meter dish with 2° Spacing
It is also true that as LNBs are further from each other, they will require individual skewing.
... see thread: Best Way to Receive Whole Ku Arc With Fixed Dishes? for more details...
But this picture demonstrates the concept.
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