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Jun 15, 2004
Sorry if this issue has been addressed earlier but I could not locate a similar thread.

I currently have DirecTV in an apartment complex and the equipment is provided by Qwest. There is one dish on the roof of each building which serves every unit in that building-about 12 I would guess. Not exactly sure how that works but my question is this...they only issue standard Hughes SD-HBH receivers. I recently purchased a Samsung DirecTV/DVR unit and attempted to complete the setup using the same sat feed into my apt. The Samsung unit does not receive any single on any of the even transponders but gets a perfect signal on only the odd ones. Seems that if everything works on the Hughes, it should also work on the Samsung. Has anyone else experienced this problem or possibly offer a suggestions. Perhaps it's just a defective stb. Any help would be appreciated.
I'm not familiar with the Hughes model, but it might be that it has a "destacker" that decodes a stacked signal, meaning that the signal is "stacked" at the head end. This means that the second set of transponders are shifted to a higher frequency, instead of being switched by a switching voltage to the lnb.

In this case, if the Samsung DirecTivo does not have a built-in destacker, you will habe to purchase one for each satellite feed on it. The good thing is that one line can be "split" to serve both lnb inputs.
If you signal is stacked check this out it is a pretty good explanation of how to use a tivo with a stacked signal.

Thanks for the info guys. After posting that plea for help I did a little bit more digging and came to the same conclusion about the stacked signal. If it weren't for the information in these forums I would have never been able to figure it out. The destacker arrived today so I will give it a go later this afternoon.
I purchased a Samsung SIR-S4040R Directv Receiver. It did not come with a remote (floor model). I purchased a Universal Remote, but on the list of Codes for Samsung Models, the S4040R is not listed. I tried the other Samsung Codes they had listed, but none of them work. <p>

Does anyone know what the Universal Code is for the Samsung SIR-S4040R?
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