SG2100 installation instructions lost!

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Nov 1, 2009
midwest @ mississippi
Installed a 2005-purchased Moteck SG2100 motor on 90cm GeoSat dish last week, using GeoSat DSR200c, and am having trouble. Post dead-plumb both planes. DSR DOES motor dish. Dish was already mounted on customer's garage roof, with turret room roof obstructing due south satellite and with spaced tall trees around the arc. It found "10 new sats" on first sweep, but when entered longitude in DSR200c, it would not give me the option of plus or minus. Can not get channel search to find anything at 10 new sat positions, nor to reveal names. Do I try another receiver? What does the collective knowledge pool say?

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Sep 3, 2004
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The GEOSATpro DSR200c nor the SG2100 will find "New Sats" automatically. I do not now of any DVBS receiver that can sweep the arc and find new satellites automatically add them to a list. The receiver must be aimed for a known satellite using the USALS function then the receiver can calculate other satellite positions and drive the motor to those positions.

Please describe the "plus and minus" option that you are looking for.
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