SiriusXM Canadian Service in US?

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  1. Just curious if anyone has the Canadian Version of the SiriusXM service, and if so, were you able to use your radio/streaming subscription in the USA or the streaming/radio restricted to Canada?

    I primarily only listen to news programming on my radio, but do want to get NFL games. All the packages that offer those options in the USA are much higher than in Canada. I have a relative who has a subscription there, and was considering just "adding on" a streaming account to his plan and cancelling mine.
  3. I am in the opposite boat - a Canadian with a US account. I have been with Sirius since the beginning, long before the Canadian operation started. There are differences, as I recently found out when my wife rented a car here. Most notably ( for us), is that certain commercial based stations are not available (En Vivo 152 channel 11 and 12 from NY and La there are others). Of course you will not get US based traffic updates also. Conversely, I do not get some of the CBC channels on my US sub. The channels are there (I get En Vivo in Canada) but your subscription seems to determine whether you see them. I transferred one radio ESN to my fathers car in December (long story) and it took a couple of hours before 152 appeared.

    Hope this helps
  4. You should get all of the CBC channels on a US subscription - every US sub includes all Canadian channels, with one exception: Canadian Indigenous Peoples' Radio (which also airs ATN Asian Radio in the evenings) is only carried on the Sirius platform, not on XM.

    That said, if you want NFL cheaply, just ask for the All Access Promo package for $50 for 6 months. It includes all Sirius or XM channels, plus full streaming of all channels. When you add taxes and fees, it comes out to something around $65 for 6 months.
  5. Also US Sirius works perfect in Mexico, Mexico City without problems, well just those like big building but is fair
  6. You shouldn't have any problems to receive a US satellite signal in Canada. I've noticed Sirius XM US has added more Canadian channels.
  7. There's no such thing as a US signal or a Canadian signal, it's all the same signal from the same satellites. The only difference is whether you get the Sirius or the XM signal.
  8. I've done it the opposite direction lots of times with no trouble. I go fishing in Northern Ontario every summer and my Chevy's built in XM radio always works just as well up there as it does in the US. I've never tried streaming SiriusXM across the border so I can't speak to that.
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