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Mar 26, 2007
Well they are currently offering 1st month free and no activation fee . Monthly fee is the $24.99 CA. Internet only viewing is same price BUT no free 1st month. Monthly tv "now includes free internet access". I thought it always did...

they must be making quite a bit of $ on the equipment since they won't give the internet only access a free month trial. After all, how many are going to cancel service after buying the equipment?

Can we expect the same offer? Or are they only offering this as incentive to get more canadian subs? will they try to get full price and activation fee before offering any incentives? if so it may be worth it to sit back and wait before you jump on the IPTV bandwagon, might save some $.

I still wonder what/if they will offer anything to the lifetime members. There best bet would be to offer at least free internet access. if the lifetimers like what they see then they may buy the equipment and subscribe. Even such an offer won't help everyone, only those with high speed but at least it would be a good will offering!

A friend called sky angel yesterday (unknown to me) to order sky angel service. The rep basically told him not to bother as DBS is being "shut off very soon". they tried to presell him on IPTV . He can't access high speed internet so didn't pursue it.

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