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Mar 9, 2006
Hi All,
This is my first post here with what I hope is a simple question.
I want to run my own RG-6 cables before the installer arrives. I am very
particular about neatness and I want the cables run through the inside walls
from the attic.
Anyway my question is why do some installations that I see have a large
multiswitch with cables from the LNBs connected and outputs for each receiver
but other installs where I see 1 cable coming in from the dish. A friend of mine has a setup where it has 1 cable coming in to what looks like a standard 4-way
TV splitter the to each TV.
Thanks for any ideas or help

:) Gene


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Dec 12, 2003
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Sounds like a standard Slimline with a built in multiswitch being compared to a Slimline with a Single Wire Module (SWM). Just different technologies both still available.


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Jul 14, 2005
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IF you have 4 actual tuners (each DVR counts as 2) you do not need the MS, there is one already built into the LNB head end.



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Sep 9, 2008
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Make sure you leave plenty of cable at the ends of the runs, particularly at the dish mount site. The installer is required to use rain loops and will thread the cable up through the new dish.


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Aug 20, 2007
If you are getting an HDDVR chances are very high that you will get the new SWM technology that uses 1 line from the dish and 1 line to each box. If you use the Older Slimline LNB you will need 4 lines to the Dish and 1 line for each box with 2 lines for each DVR and a location to mount the Multiswitch if you are going over 4 tuners.

What I would do if you can spare the extra money is run 2 lines to each location using Dual Cable (its combined and easy to manage) Then have the lines all go to a central location. Out of the walls leave at least 3' to work with and if possible have him (or you) push the rest back in the wall for some play in case an issue arises. At the Central Location leave at least 4' of spare. You will also need to make sure (or do it) that lines from the dish can be grounded at that spot or the lines can be run to that spot after they are grounded. The D* rep should be able to tell you (or your online work order) if you getting a SWM3 SWM5 or just a Regular KAKU (4 lines) setup. If you run the Dish lines as well leave at least 8' to where you want the dish (assuming LOS and accessibility are available) You can also help the tech with any outside work or just tack or hide the lines while he works on some other part.
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