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AKA Stuart628
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Jul 21, 2004
Akron (Cleveland), Oh
Well mine ended tonight in the first round of the playoffs, we had been mercied by one team all year, and of course that is the team we draw for the first round (they arent even first place, we beat the first place team to knock them off, then lost to the new first place team the next week in the regular season). The game tonight was 19-17, I went up with bases loaded one out, did my job of hitting a deep sac fly which scored one, but for some reason our guy on second didnt tag...then the next guy hit a shot, but their shortstop gobbled it up and got him out final 19-18...I finished tonight 1-2 with 2 sac flys, 3 rbi, and 2 run scored. We finished the season, not sure of our record actually, but not great. we had alot of games where we would get a huge lead and then implode :( how did everyone else fare this year?
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