Sony XBR75X940C

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  1. Obviously you never had to deal with Samsung.
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  2. When I had my shop, I did. Never had an issue. They would send the replacements directly to me, I would swap them, and send the broken set back.
  3. Well, Sony has finally released a new firmware. Hopefully the updated version corrects all of the issues with services stopping, reboots, etc. that were introduced with the December roll-out.

  4. My Bravia started acting flakey about that same time. I always thought it was my u-Verse Internet, glad it wasn't just me. Until it works for a year straight I won't consider it fixed!
  5. Not you. The MM update that rolled out in December was buggy has heck. Services stopped working, random reboots, etc. Hopefully 6.0.1 is stable. We'll see. So far no issues (knock on wood).

  6. So far so good (knock on wood). Seems that there might have been some other video tweaks in the update. Picture looks cleaner and the colors seem more vivid. Unfortunately I won't be able to measure anything for a while.

  7. Its pretty cool to see they are pumping out FW updates this late in the life cycle.
  8. They had to after the mess the first MM update created, or they might have been faced with a class action suit. It was bad. Constant services stopping, reboots, no signal messages while watching something. The list goes on.

  9. I guess that is the risk too with updating a model after its been out a year, gotta be careful not to brick out of warranty stuff or you get sued.
  10. Thing is, never a single issue prior to the MM update. Hopefully all good now. Keep knocking on wood :)

  11. I figure this thread is relative, and will post my updates and impressions here. Just ordered a X940E 75" after a few weeks of hand wringing over it and OLED , should be here Aug 1. Going from 65" to 75", at 9 feet should be impressive, largest display I will have ever owned. Mid screen will be right at eye level and we sit straight out, so view angle should not be an issue.

    Hopefully Sony sends that DV update out.